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1. English only. This is for ops to know what you are saying so they can monitor the channel. Foreign greeting/farewell words are allowed.
2. No racism, homophobia, anti-Semitism or any other kind of hate messages.
3. No swearing and/or masked swearing, sexual overtones (Including Nicknames ), being in another unsuitable channel. If it?s not suitable for a PG-13 film it?s not suitable for #worldchat.
4. No discussion on or about politics, religion, sex, Illegal drugs. We want to maintain a friendly, relaxed and social atmosphere. There are other places to voice your views if that?s what you want to do.
5. No invites, flooding or spam. You will automatically get kicked for posting #channels, websites or e-mail addresses in the channel. The exception to this rule is Url's may be posted by operator or voiced user, and must comply with in rule 4
6. No fighting in the channel. If you?re having a problem with someone you can talk it over in PM or just /ignore. Message an op with logs in cases of persistent abuse.
7. Don?t use the channel as a dating service. Looking for a boy/girl will only annoy people and if you don?t heed warnings you will be kicked and/or banned. Asking for cam chat or using a nick indicating cam chat is also prohibited. Talk to everyone, if someone interesting comes your way, all the better for you.